You’ll find in short order that Eurekans are passionate about our town, and why wouldn’t we be? We have at least a little of everything for everyone and a lot more than meets the eye. Eureka has got it going on; from outdoor recreation opportunities at our fingertips, a vibrant nightlife, incredible architecture, great cannabis dispensaries (and soon, on-site consumption lounges), a world-class arts and culture district, and rich, tangible history around every corner. This is just a sample of what we have to offer. For a curated experience, stop into our Visitor Center in historic Old Town for a plethora of personalized recommendations.

 Arts & Culture

Sitting high up on California’s North Coast surrounded by redwoods on three sides and the Pacific out front, Eureka is somewhat isolated and not like most places. We’re part old-timey mill town and seaport, part hippie-hipster, new-age, millennial ecotopia. This sort of dynamic creates all kinds of tension and discord, AND good art. We have more artists per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., even though the rest of the world is several hundred miles away from us in any direction. Maybe that’s why. Stroll down Opera Alley in Old Town between 2nd St. and 3rd St. More walls will get painted during the Street Art Fair coming in August of 2019.


If you like your art more genteel, visit the Morris Graves Museum up on 6th and F. The building is the old Carnegie Library, an iconic testament to taste, and Morris is an internationally recognized artist, now deceased, who lived in the hills nearby and painted a lot. The Museum is the kind of hushed, sophisticated environment where you can quietly contemplate truly fine art-and how much money you don’t have to spend on it. Looking for more accessible pieces? There are galleries all over Old Town with more accessible pieces, and possibly more provocative and fun.

 History & Architecture

 Outdoor Recreation



Eureka is situated right in the heart of cannabis country. Check out one of our dispensaries to find top-shelf, local product. To see where it is made, call Matt at Humboldt Cannabis Tours and check out a farm or two in style! Soon, Eureka will be the place for onsite consumption on the North Coast.