Spring Clean Up

Downtown Eureka Clean Up!


Grab your gloves, dig out that sun hat, pull on your comfy old jeans, and get outside because it’s that time of the year to get in the spring cleaning mood!

While we do suggest you do your own personal spring cleaning (it’s good for your health!), we want to focus on Downtown Eureka for a few hours.

The winter months have been long, and it’s time for a new summer look, maybe a few highlights, who knows! The city is our canvas.

On May 5th we’re getting together at 9 am at the Eureka Visitor Center and getting down to business. Thomas Edison said “Opportunity is missed because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. We agree, but overalls are in this year so lets do it!

When we’re all done, let’s celebrate!

There are a few cute cafes (like Because Coffee, Ramones, and Old Town Coffee), tasty lunch spots (Cafe Nooner, Greene Lily, and Delish on 5th), and we hear Cafe Waterfront makes a pretty good Bloody Mary with a great jazz band on Sundays.


Who knows, maybe getting some cleaning done with friends, community members, and loved ones will get you in the mood to deep-clean your own living spaces! The queen of clean herself, Martha Stewart (who apparently loves Dick Taylor Chocolate), has a user friendly checklist for those who are less than excited to finally deep clean the oven.

No matter what the rest of your Sunday afternoon looks like, we hope we can start it off together, getting our hands a little dirty, and working bit by bit to make Eureka more beautiful.