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 Artists for the Eureka Street Art Festival are chosen by the committee of organizers, based on a number of factors (including subject matter, available spaces for artwork, and curating a diverse selection of artists and works). For more information, please contact us.




Urban artist of graffiti, from the 90's that has shaped his work in different pints throughout the Mexican Republic: Puebla, Veracruz Oaxaca, Campeche, Yucatan, Chiapas, to name a few states. In 2010 he was invited to Guatemala to participate in the international festival "Hip Hop Revolution", making a graffiti exhibition and exhibiting his work in trestle within the cultural center of Spain in the same country being part of the "Mugre Crew". He also participated in France in the exhibition "Graffiti is a Classic" of the brand of aerosols Illegal Squad. He showed his work and painted the facade of the store-gallery Lavamp Store and later traveled to Colombia to paint a couple of murals and on his return he exhibited in Arca Mexico with the artists Kenta Torii from Japan and Lesuperdemoin from Mexico. He is currently painting murals in Mexico City and showing his art abroad.


ELLE considers her paintings to be poetry. She creates stories by collaging disparate images: powerful females, flora and fauna, classical paintings juxtaposed with pop-culture and high fashion imagery, revealing a purposefully designed messages to the world. Her passion for the environment and feminism are shown in the transparency of messages throughout her pieces. ELLE’s current agenda is raising awareness of the hazards of global warming and ocean acidification affecting the world’s reefs.

Dave van patten

Dave Van Patten is a Long Beach/ Los Angeles based artist focused on illustration and comics, however this has not prevented him branching out into larger work. Van Patten is a prolific muralist, participating in the world renowned mural organization, POW!WOW! in 2016 and 2017, allowing his tiny comic drawings to span across entire buildings. The bulk of his inspiration is pulled from dark humor comics, 1960's surrealism, psychedelic garage rock albums, and modern societal absurdity. Dave has done album artwork for bands such as The Grateful Dead (Live Concert Series,) Les Claypool of Primus, Burger and Lolipop Records. His work has been published in Juxtapoz, Vice, NPR, MEL Magazine, L.A. Weekly, Intentional Quarterly, and L.A. Record Magazine. He has self-published several graphic novel "zines" and twisted “children’s books for grown ups.” Currently, he is adapting a short story from Portland-based Arthur Bradford into a full length graphic novel. 

Anna Sofia Amezcua

Anna Sofia Amezcua was born in San Francisco in 1977. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College where she studied painting, dance and literature. In addition, she attended Oxford University, and studied Movement Based Expressive Arts at the Tamalpa Institute in Marin County.

Anna Sofia’s paintings use color and physicality to express visceral emotion and felt experience. Her process is intuitive, expressive, gestural and informed by movement and dance, as well as an acute sensitivity to color. In her work, she delves beneath the surface to encourage and validate deep emotionality and a sometimes explosive, definitely powerful, experience of womanhood.

Anna Sofia is a public arts educator, facilitating ongoing workshops from California to New York. She has exhibited her works both nationally and internationally and is included in various private collections including that of Alexander Cockburn. She lives and works in Eureka, CA.

Xavi penneton

Xavi Penneton approaches his craft with a unique perspective delivered by his history of creating work across many genres. First immersed in the Washington D.C. graffiti scene of the early 90s, Xavi Penneton was later a foundational member of the West Coast world of Visionary Art and continues to expand minds as he traverses an evolving aesthetic where design meets the uncharted territory of our collective consciousness.

Working primarily in acrylics and aerosol, Xavi Penneton wrangles a variety of influences into a single, cohesive whole. His mesmerizing pattern work and alternating use of hard and soft lines evoke meditative states, keeping the viewer grounded in a world of simple beauty. Within this tension, a creative drama unfolds and gives way to a hypnotic presence in his work that is at once intriguing and familiar on a cellular level.

Xavi Penneton is an internationally recognized artist, who has created murals and installations across the world and has painted live alongside of some of the most well-known electronic artists and psychedelic acts on the planet, leaving a transformational mark on every space and community into which he has been welcomed.

matt beard

Growing up surfing the California coast, hunting the elusive “secret” spot, memorizing entries from Bank Wright’s classic Surfing California, the diverse beauty of this state’s coastline has captivated me from an early age, and continues to inspire my artwork to this day.

I’m currently residing on the beautifully remote Humboldt coast of Northern California with my wife and three kids. We dig it here. Beaches, forests, rocks, rivers and all that.

So it’s appropriate that by far the longest running thread in my visual explorations has been the California coast. The moods, topographies, geologies, and our interaction with it all is varied enough to inspire several lifetimes of art. I’m doing all that I can with the short time I have left.

blake reagan

As an artist i see myself as a medium controlled by the aethers around us.  When i start painting the work changes and evolves into something new, ideas work themselves out and usually leave me with the answers I am looking for.  Reflection upon environmental sustainability has been an underlying theme in many of my works, as well as impermanence, art deco, and the inversion of our own self manifested realities.  As different as these subjects are, i try and imbue them into my most of my works.  I have been painting for 10 years now, mostly in Humboldt County.  I had an art studio in the Buhne studios building for 6 years, it is there that i learned many techniques and developed a style influenced by many talented and likeminded painters of the area.

stock schleuter

Was born in Oakland, California in 1949. He grew up in Willow Creek a small town about forty miles inland from Eureka. After high school he attended College of the Redwoods and went on to the University of Northern Colorado, where he received a B.A. in fine arts.

In 1973 he started showing in the galleries in and around Humboldt County. At this time he was primarily a water color artist, and was selected in the California Statewide Water Color and Drawing Survey Exhibition in 1982 through 1887. In 1985 he started working in oils. In 1988 he was selected to The Fifty-Second National Midyear Exhibition in Youngstown Ohio. Since then he has been in galleries in Washington D.C. Indiana, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, and throughout California.

In 1994 he was an award winner in the California Small Works Show at the California Museum of Art,at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, Ca. He was also selected in 1995, 1996, and 1997. In 1994 he was a Gold Award winner in California Discovery Awards competition. He is currently showing at the John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, Ca., The Fairmont Gallery in Sonoma, Ca. and The Highlight Gallery in Mendocino, CA and the Sewell Gallery in Eureka CA

Rachel Schleuter

Growing up in Chicago, I saw firsthand how important art was. My first group art exhibit was at the Art Institute of Chicago, when I was four. Because in1964 Chicago public schools incorporated an important new project called Head-Start, the focus was on art, and us lucky little kids got to paint! 
In the 60’s art education in public schools, was presented through contemporary art films and complex art projects, and field trips to museums and city craft houses. The kids had a blast, and the teachers were generous, they joyfully took-on all the messy art projects. Those early years shaped who I am as a person and an artist. For me, art is about community, bonding and healing. Beyond creating art my vision includes working on a community level to promote public art for artists of all ages. 
"The process of painting and art making is so far-out, to me, that I'm on my knees before I start. I mean it's humbling because it's a gift to create, and I don't take it for granted."

The power of art is a profound and compelling mystery. When I face a blank canvas and feel the adventure coming on, I never think about how much work it's going to be, instead I open to the fullness of this moment and the adventure begins. 

I paint a lot of cats, and I don't ask why. 

Julie McNiel

 Julie McNiel is a Northern California artist. For three decades McNiel has explored cross-cultural themes expressed in non-linear narrative form through drawing, painting, and theatre art. She received an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, and was awarded artist residencies in California, England, and Costa Rica shortly thereafter. McNiel began studying Chinese language and traveling to China in the 1980s, where she documented village life through her drawings. In 2011 she received the $10,000 Victor T. Jacoby Award for hand-drawn animation that explores themes of adoption, orphaning, and girlhood. McNiel has taught art at colleges, universities and art schools on the west coast for 15 years. She currently teaches at Pelican Bay State Prison.

Johnathon DeSoto

Johnathon DeSoto is best known for creating geometrically based art panels and mixed media pieces that are concerned with the political dynamics of the current day. He uses reclaimed wood, photography, painting and common construction and household materials. Stylistically, his work is constantly playing with the balance of “traditionally” feminine and masculine themes in an attempt to consider what it is to be a whole, thriving, contemplative being and society in an interconnected and intentional way. He is an artist born and raised in Humboldt county and received and ASN from college of the redwoods. He has no formal art training or education, but takes pride in the being part of a tradition of organic/folk art and maintaining a connection to the common person.

Brandon Ilic

 Brandon is an Arcata-based artist who has painted a number of murals throughout Humboldt County. His pieces focus mainly on realistic portraits, often of historical figures.

Matthew Marshall

Matthew Marshall was raised in Trinidad, where he and his wife Stacie live currently, and has a B.A. in Studio Art from Humboldt State University.  Matthew is the Executive Director of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority; while his “day job” currently doesn’t leave as much time for art as he would like, he began showing professionally in 1997 and continues to produce paintings, drawings, block prints, and sculptures every chance he gets.

Matthew’s work is primarily focused on the themes of nature, history, and the human figure. Matthew comes from a family of artists and his father, William Marshall, was a photographer and a big fan of Eureka’s many great murals, often taking out of town guests to see them.   In light of that Matthew wanted to use one of his dad’s photos as the basis for this mural project, and chose one that featured a heard of elk from Redwood National and State Parks to also commemorate this year’s 50th Anniversary of Redwood National Park being established.  

Brian Tripp

Brian Tripp is Karuk, and was born in 1945 in Eureka and graduated from Del Norte County High School in Crescent City. A traditional dancer and singer, he is actively involved in the ceremonies of northwest California and is deeply committed to Native American sovereignty and to the struggle this involves. 

Brian Tripp's photographs will be wheat pasted onto the Carson Block building as part of a collaboration with the Northern California Indian Development Council.

Elizabeth Berrien

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Erin Urbanis

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Phyllis Barba 

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Courtney Karnes

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